Drunk, Drugged, Love-sick and Suicidal

There’s a huge question mark on who is/are really behind the June 1, 2001 royal massacre. Till now, the whole international community and media have been saying/printing it was Prince Dipendra. I don’t buy that, may be the whole Nepali people don’t either. It’s just “a shameful attempt to legitimize the Royal Kot Massacre II” (Babu Ram Bhattarai, Monarchy vs Democracy).

Anyways, its okay, I’m fine with it. Truth finds its own way, sooner or later.

However, when the international news agency like AFP deliberately bends away from practicing the normal “objective” news writing style, it is a serious issue.

“Gyanendra came to the throne in bizarre and tragic circumstances in 2001, when his popular brother and eight other family members were shot dead by a DRUNK, DRUGGED, LOVE-SICK and SUICIDAL crown prince.”

Look at those adjectives – Drunk, Drugged, Love-sick and Suicidal – my freaking dog. What’s the matter with the writer/reporter! He has put those descriptions as if he was right there at the moment of the massacre. He ought to be writing novels or fantasy stories not news. Damn – drunk drugged love-sick and suicidal. I thought I was reading an Indian “masala-daar” news. Hahaha.

Here’s the full news:

Nepal’s king won’t go into exile: palace
By Sam Taylor – AFP Asia


2 Responses to Drunk, Drugged, Love-sick and Suicidal

  1. Ruben says:

    Thank you for the link.
    It was useful to me.
    Royal massacre is one of Nepal’s unsolved mystries… Let’s do a voting, bet u anything that 80% of the us (nepalese) don’t agree to that bhhatta bhatta bhatta crap investigation, LOL!!

    Good days!
    🙂 Ruben

  2. Nepali Babu says:

    man everything else was so interesting n funny but when it comes to dependra….. ur topic is wrong n misleading. if he was high on joint…. he cann’t kill anybody…. infact no one kill anybody after smoking weed…. it makes u calm down… everyone knows it who smokes…… so u can’t say anything wrong against him…..it hurts the feeling of millions of nepali…… he was a hero…..

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