Ten Opposite Trends in Nepali Cinema

Rekha Thapa

In the world history of cinema, those with “contradictory” views have become victorious. The students of cinema take those names with pride, those cinemas that have done “contradictory” in their time.

This is even more in Nepali cinema. However, there is no reason to be excited about the “opposite” or “contradictory” or “different” views in Nepali cinema. Because, the outcome of these “opposite” attempts are “opposite”, not creative.

Ten Opposite Trends in Nepali Cinema:

1. Heroine’s Dress up

The Nepali film makers just want to cash in by making the heroines wear shorter clothes – and the trend of bedroom dress in class rooms.

2. Wrinkle-less cheeks

The older actors never want to look old, even when they are playing old character.

3. Weak and Stupid Characters

In Nepali films, the leading character (Hero) is almost always portrayed as weak, poor, helpless and alone. He cannot afford to eat two times a day. No one believes him. He is proud and righteous, in other words – he is stubborn and stupid. On top of that, all sorts of diseases usually pester him. All the troubles and worries of the world that can be imagined, the hero character is endowed with.

4. Pay (not be paid) to become the “Star”

Most of the actors/actresses become hero/heroine by investing money into the film. They don’t get paid, they pay. Most of the “chalti ma raheka” actors/actresses entered into the industry by investing their own money.

5. Stories written to suit the actors

First, the actors are selected and then a script is written to suit the actors. On the notebooks of storywriters, one can find numerous stories/scripts that are written specifically for Rahesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti.

6. Financer or Producer

The one who invests in films are financers. There’s a trend in Nepali cinema to see the financers as producers.

7. Posters that reduce audience

The designs of Nepali film posters have remained same for the last 20 years. They have resemblances of 30 years old Hindi film posters. The colour, font and design of almost all the posters are same.

8. Stars/Actors in pursuit of Media

Because, the number of actors/actresses is greater than the number of actual audience, in Nepal, the “Actors/actresses are always hounding the media” – not the other way around.

9. Releasing of films from village

In other parts of the world, the movies are released in major cities first. Nepali movies are however released first in the villages and later only in the cities.

10. Then 35 mm, now 16 mm

Nepali films are shot in 16mm and later in cinema halls, the film is blown up into 35mm and thus the picture instantly looses half of the original quality. The technical progression of Nepali cinema is exactly opposite.

By Dipendra Lama
Source: Nayapatrika (April 19, 2008 edition)


15 Responses to Ten Opposite Trends in Nepali Cinema

  1. K6yar says:

    you got great points there!
    when can we see our film penetrating through global market. Darn it, can’t even get one single Nepali film in the foreign section at blockbuster store. Shame on Nepali film industry!! Also what the f happen to sarok khanal who had such talent now can’t do anything but run a restaurant? Who among the actor or actress will ever be seen on hollywoood. It’s about time. Any Nepali? Any where? Anyone, but except those bunches back home making sh I t t y movies. Look mad I am because I care! Nice post and keep it up!

    🙂 Ruben

  2. ShutUp says:

    Credit goes to Dipendra Lama of Nayapatrika 🙂

  3. Dipendra Lama says:

    Thank you for posting it. Go on. I have also started blog but it is in initial phase. my blogsite is, http://www.dipendralama.blogspot.com.

    Dipendra Lama

  4. Hari says:

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  5. […] cinemas that have done ???contradictory??? in their time. This is even more in Nepali cinema. Howevhttps://mothshutup.wordpress.com/2008/04/20/ten-opposite-trends-in-nepali-cinema/The Girl in the Tower New York Review of BooksAn article by Alison Lurie from The New York Review of […]

  6. Nepali Film lai ramro sanga herera matrai alochana garne garau! Sano Bazar ani sano lagani ma yesto film sayhedai banchha world ma. Tesaile ma Nepali Movies lai dosh lagaune pakshya ma chaina. Baru tapaiharu jasta patrakar jo Nepali movie bina dui chhak khana garo parni haruko birod ma boldha chhu. So saknuhuncha vane Nepali film lai promotion garnus haina vane unnecessary kura harulai market ma lyaera sasto chapai nagarnu hos! Thorai bidget ma producer/ director harule yesto film banaune kura sano haina. Neplali film ko market area pani ta sano chha. Nepali moovie le kehi story bokeko ta huncha. Hindi movie le k nai story bokeko hunchha ra??
    So have a deep study & u will have only right to justify………….

  7. ShutUp says:

    Having a small budget is not an excuse.

  8. santosh says:

    what a heck is going on

  9. tirtha says:

    Having a small budget is not an excuse. therefore if you are must large invest for fast going and to growth nepali film

  10. subash says:

    Ma sala Nepali haru k bhako sab Hero Heroine lai jail ma hale ra film culture ani training dinu parcha. yestai 10-12 jana bhanda aru lai ta chack hana ra bhagaunu parcha……….. well done bro keep it up . If u comment means they will get chance 2 improve ……… Sala Nikhil la aafu lai James Bond samjhancha ani bhalu heroine aafu lai Angelina ha ha ha ha

  11. subash says:

    Nepal ko Hero Heroine lai actinn ko a paini aaudaina tara soch bhane james bond ra angelina ko jasto ha ha ha ha………… He des lai bigoj dekhaune haru ho kehi ta quality banau aafu ma.
    Nikhil U know fight that does not prove that u r a HERO but ZERO…….
    Ramro lagyo bro yestai khoj khanturo haldai garnu la time passsss k……….

  12. him prasad says:

    hi rekhapa i like you i love you.

  13. lovelight says:

    HAPPY HOLI 2010 to u and all nepali
    i wish to pasupati
    i wish specially HAPPY HOLI to PABITRA who is in MNR

  14. Skye Cokely says:

    This was a Great post, I will save this post in my Diigo account. Have a good evening.

  15. subas says:

    k hunu yar sabaiko laisan 6 garrne adikar pani usaiko ni?

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