Sketch of a new Revolution

“Free Terai” “Long live Upendra Mahato”

Terai gets hot with their “autonomous federal state” with the “rights of self determination” demands.

The New Nepal government/Maoists government and the Terai parties (MJF, TMLP, JTMM) do not come to any agreement.

Just like Tibetans and Dalai Lama, the Madhesh leaders and people live in exile in India.

“Free Terai” “Long live Upendra Mahato”

India sponsors the “Free Terai” movement.

Demonstrations and rallies in front of Nepali embassy in Delhi.

“Free Terai” “Long live Upendra Mahato”

Indian police do not beat up the demonstrators. It’s against human rights. They are more civil than the Nepali police who thrashed the harmless Tibetan protester in Kathmandu.

CNN and BBC.

“Free Terai” “Long live Upendra Mahato”


It’s just a sketch anyway, might even work out.

(Pic from the Internet and a little manipulation)


2 Responses to Sketch of a new Revolution

  1. aAkaR says:

    Who is Upendra Mahato ?

  2. ShutUp says:

    A fictional character on this sketch.

    This character is not to be confused with the President of NRN Upendra Mahato.

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