Way to go Babban!

‘Most wanted criminal’ wins election as independent candidate

A rather shocking news has came form Rautahat’s constituency No. 1 where a man in the ‘most wanted’ list of Nepal police has won the election as an independent candidate.

Baban Singh alias Mr. John, the prime suspect of the serial blasts in Kathmandu last September that killed three persons and left dozens others injured was declared winner in Rautahat-1, securing 9201 votes. He defeated his nearest rival, Ajay Gupta of Sadbhawana Party, by a margin of 2613 votes.

(Read the complete news, it’s worth it: Nepalnews)

Babban Singh – the name quite reminds me of Gabbar Singh, daku character from Indian movie “Sholay”.

Anyways, the Election Commission (EC) had gone through checks, re-checks, investigation of all sorts before finalizing the names of the candidates for the Constituent Assembly Elections. How could the EC miss this? A suspect of bombing, a “wanted man” on the candidate list – and the EC did not disqualify Babban Singh.

But, it is really hilarious that Babban Singh won from his constituency. This is as amazing as the CPN Maoists taking a gigantic lead in the election results.

Just imagine, what would Babban Singh advocate for – now that he is an elected member of the Constituent Assembly? Mr Parliamentarian Babban Singh, along with other elected candidates, will be drafting the new constitution of our great country. What would be his preambles, declarations and manifestos – it would be quite interesting.

A great hope of an inclusive democratic/republican Nepal.

Good for you dude. I would love to have Momo with you some day.


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