NO to Commies

The previous doubts lingering in my head got all cleared out as soon as I got my hands on the ballot papers. I decided – No to Commies!

The voting went smoothly, without any disruptions or interventions in our voting center this time – rather uneventful one. The last time we had election (during King Gyanendra’s short regime), a fight had broke out between god knows which two groups, ended up with several guys sustaining knife-stabs and sword strikes.

Earlier in the morning, I had a chance to get really close to (former US president) Jimmy Carter and his wife at Pulchowk – I was gonna ask, hey Mr. Carter what if Barak Obama wins the presidential elections – but this one giant white woman shoved me back. Respecting her Amazon volume, I decided to be womanhandled. She should go to China this olympic and take part in Weight Lifting though. Clean and Jerk.

Mid day – and already the curse of the commies – my bike had a flat tire. The vehicle pass that I had proudly stuck above the headlight seemed to mock at my desperate helplessness. Khucching.. why did you not vote for the commies? I started imagining things – commies, ballot box, my left thumb nail, flat tire, huge white woman. Even King Gyanendra and his message to the nation just a day before the elections.

I thought, is this an omen? My bike getting flat tire – on this historic day forecasts the constituent assembly getting prolonged for over 5 years. Or am I just being too hysterical over Carter’s huge woman.

Hyaaaa, Jai Elections, Jai Constitution, Jai Nepal.

For tonight, my bike shall rest peacefully inside Singh Durbar premise!


8 Responses to NO to Commies

  1. rwaked says:

    but as of now they are way ahead than others…they are leading in many places…parchande ley kasto overtake gardeko hau…

  2. ShutUp says:


    Surprise surprise.
    CPN Maoists have claimed all the three constituencies in Lalitpur and are way ahead of the Nepali Congress and CPN UML in other constituencies as well.

    Even my mom voted for Pumpha Bhusal – cos Bhusal had promised proper sewage system and black topped roads. Phewwww.

    One of my votes gone down the dump. I hope my vote for Proportional System counts.

    But, seeing CPN UML’s fate, I can not help but laugh.

  3. Ametya says:

    I think UML(sun) is also Communist ??? Isn’t it ??? So you can not tag communist to Maoist only …….

  4. ShutUp says:

    In reference to what – did u post that comment? No one has stated that CPN UML is not a communist party.

  5. Ametya says:

    The whole above writting of your gave me the hint that Communist means only Maoist not EMALE (Sun) …..
    ….anyway let’s talk abt another thing.

    I started to love your comments (in my blog) because of your straightness as well as i come to your blog because of your dashing and straightful words. But you write in your own way means you write for yourself. It would be too nice if you write for us, means readers in the form of articles. A writting abt Manokranti was nice but still contained your own style…Your style is nice and i am a lover of it..but isn’t good for article view. I hope you are understanding me.. YOur english is good as well as straightness in word is good so i think you have to start to write in the form of article. plz think abt it…and my best wishes with you..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2065

  6. ShutUp says:

    Happy New Year 2065 to you too.

    Thanks for loving my style.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And, about my style.. I really don’t know how to categorize it but I would like to call it “informative + highly biased + monologue”. It’s not that I am writing a news-article here, and nor am I reporting about events/stuffs. I am writing from my personal point of view – and when one writes this way, it tends to be opinionated and biased. Freedom of Speech and Respect for Opinions.

    This is the greatest thing about blogs – being opinionated and write what ever one feels to write, of course “libel” is always a concern of mine.

    I am not trying to get my texts published in some newspapers (when I do, I take a different approach but still some of the editors have snubbed my style) so this is not the “traditional article” approach.

  7. nepcker says:

    CPN-UML and Maoists communist ray…..LOL!

    Wow, never heard ‘communist’ parties promoting capitalism.

    (In CPN-UML’s manifesto, they promise “niji chhetra unmukh samajbaad”. Never heard of that kind of “samaajbaad”. The Maoists also promised that the next government will be a capitalistic one even though they claim to be “ekkaisau satabdi ko ek matra sachcha communist party”. Heck, even the way they fought the “People’s War” does not match the way Mao Tse Tsung (”Mao Zedong” says.)

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