Confused Constituent Assembly Elections

Just one more day to go.

Our area is Lalitpur constituency number 3. I still do not know who I am going to vote for. I do not like Pumpha Bhusal (CPN Maoists), nor do I like Raghu Pant (CPN United Marxist Leninist). I have doubts on Keshar Bahadur Bista (National JanaShakti Party) and I do not even know who this Mohan Shyam Poudel (Nepali Congress) is. Never heard his name before.

I favour women candidates but out 33 candidates on the First Past the Post system (Direct System), just two among them are women. It sucks.

And then there are Bahun, Newar, Chettri, Rai, Jha and so on. Should I vote for one “Shrestha” candidate?

Why am I this confused? I wonder how many like me, the first timers, are confused on this matter.


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