Gandhipath and Prachandapath

Prachanda’s speeches are usually entertaining – with a healthy mix of childish whining and day dreaming, based on rather quixotic scenario for his future. With not more than a week for the constituent assembly elections, there he goes, one more time at the same old Open Theater, roaring like a lion. His posture as imposing as ever – he radiates, literally blurring the grim looking images of Stalin and Mao on the background flex.

I wonder, if someone actually published a book, a collection of Prachanda’s anecdotes and excerpt from his speeches, one would become “maala-maal” in a single night. It’s a fascinating idea.

This time, he insists, to forget Gautam Buddha, to forget Jang Bahadur. “Dear party workers, maintain peace, keep calm and be Gandhi for a week; we will see what to do after the elections.” Hmm, Gandhi eh.

Kids love the Transformers on the cartoon network. For a fraction of a second, people also must have mused on the idea – wow, YCL and Maoists cadres capable of such swift transformation, are going to become Gandhi. Sadly, this is not a cartoon network.

Nice try! The people laughed, the media laughed. Gandhi for a week! Gandhi’s forlorn soul must have made an uneasy twitch imagining a week long agony.

[Prachanda along with other top leaders of Maoists, during the Maoists election campaigning on April 2, 08 at the Open Theater, Kathmandu.]

A long tirade, with some usual rambling, some usual verbal fury, more allegations, regressive forces, USA, India, Nepali Congress, UML. The international election observers do not remain unscathed either; our supremo denounces them as “a bunch of thugs” who have come to disrupt the “free and fair” elections environment.

Prachanda taunts the media, once more, for not covering his assassination attempt; which he claims, was averted by the YCL cadres.

And once again, he puts it straight into the people’s mind – his party is not to lose in the elections. Except for the supreme conspiracy, their party is bound to win and win in a glorious manner.

Or, “beware of a new revolution!”

No glib, no sweet talking! Just pure intimidation in a classic Prachanda style!! Not to forget, it was really entertaining.


One Response to Gandhipath and Prachandapath

  1. Pranjal says:

    haha ramro article dai.
    I’m wondering what YCL will transform into after the ‘Gandhi week’. Polpot?

    By the way, loved that ‘Red Gandhi’ pic.

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