Nepal Police Using Excessive Force – One Sided Story

It feels terrible to see innocent people getting beaten, battered and dragged on the streets. Yes, it was not a pleasant scene, police trying to subdue the wailing chants of “Free Tibet” and “Long Live Dalai Lama”, nor was it enjoyable seeing Tibetan refugees getting thrashed and slammed into the police van.

My deepest sympathies for refugees!

However, lately the media all around the world has been blaming Nepal government and Nepal police for using excessive force in handling the Tibetan refugees during their “peaceful” demonstrations in the streets of Kathmandu.

The phrase “excessive force” sounds so stupid. When you use force, it’s supposed to be an excessive one, isn’t it?

What do you expect – the police would say “Please go home and eat Chicken Chaomein”?

Or is it any different when Nepal police beat the Tibetan refugees than when the US police beat the anti-WTO sloganeers in Seattle?

Force is bound to be excessive.

My point – the police is there to restrain or if necessary, beat up. With bamboo sticks here in Nepal and India, with shiny black batons and pepper-spray in the USA. Why this freaking fuss FOCUSED on how Nepali police used “excessive force”? Is that the main issue here?

Those two pictures above are from March 10 – the first day those Tibetan refugees in Baudha, Kathmandu took out the demonstration. The police were there to restrain them – not to beat them.

And what do the refugees do? They entice the police. They charged first, not the police.

What do you expect then – police personnel heading out to some Momo shop or a nearby Tibetan restaurant, while the protestors rule the streets of Baudha? Police never intervened when these same refugees, clad in monk-dress, showed up in Nanglo Restaurant or in discothèques or while driving around on foreign sponsored sleek SUVs – police never cared, our government never meddled with these “rich” refugees.

Like I said, they charged first.


Just wanted to add some more pics, that police, anywhere in the world, while handling demonstrations do not know any other language than brutality.

(Pics by Suresh Maharjan/Nepal Samacharpatra)


10 Responses to Nepal Police Using Excessive Force – One Sided Story

  1. aAkaR says:

    story may be one sided or two sided……truth is truth……… Government is using excessive force over the peaceful protest of Tibetans in Kathmandu. Nepalese authority have been trying to justify their action by mentioning that Nepal couldn’t tolerate Anti-Chinese feelings in Nepalese land and also stated that the refugee went against the Refugee convention 1951 (?).But it is not realistic to believe in the authorities’ view, as the whole International community is protesting against the suppressions by Chinese authority.
    ………..where’s human rights ??? ……… what we stand for ?????

  2. ShutUp says:

    The point of the article was – when force is used, it is bound to be excessive. There’s no other type of police force that is sweet and pleasant. So, why is it different when the same US beats its own people for protesting at WTO conferences and when Nepali police beats the refugees here!

    China has records of human rights violation, so does other countries. Do I have to give examples? China has “death penalty” system, so does other countries.

    When USA hosted football World Cup, no international watch dog protested that “Texas has the highest number of Death Penalties” and thus other countries should boycott the game.

    I am not supporting China/communists but everyone’s violating Human Rights, in their own way.

    And, my question to everyone:

    Would you, a Nepali, personally go out to the streets, hand in hand with the Tibetan refugees and take part in the protest/demonstration – for the shake of Human Rights?

    Just like during the People’s Movement (I and II), when Nepali people risked their lives/lost their lives and revolted against the King – are you exactly going to do the same about this issue? Are you ready to give up your life on this one?


    If you really cared, you would be on the streets – not in front of the computer screen.

  3. Safal says:

    lasta ko lagi,
    kuro jayag ho… le khichiracha bhane chai bahira ko dherai jasto police le buddhi prayo garcha… lathi bisaucha…

    gopal prasad rimal ko kabita upayukta lagyo yo sandarbha ma,

    hami bir chau tara buddhu chau
    hami buddhu chau ra ta bir chau

  4. ShutUp says:

    Your article is relevant. Western media is obviously inclined towards the Tibetans. However, I have a few disagreements.

    When you use force – it’s excessive.”” I don’t think that is the case every time. Police can use force with restraint. I think they should use force to disperse crowds. However, when you see the videos, (and possibly the photo from Time magazine of this week’s issue) you cannot ever support what they did. We all know how uncivilized Nepali police is, in general. Every time something like this comes up, I think it’s fun for most of them because of the way they treat people – like animals. Did you see how they dragged women holding just one of her hands and her body on the ground – being dragged?

    Texas has the highest number of death penalties? Is it in the world as compared to other countries, or in the US compared to other states?

    The thing against China is so strong because of a simple reason. Rights violations are in many countries. However, there are organizations, and even laws that allow you to prevent your right abuse. The case with China is totally different. They even arrest and sentence those associated with observing the human rights condition. One such news was featured just today. Further, you know many rights violations in other countries, because if there is one, there are 1000’s of reports on it. In China, first of all, it is hard to know if there is any rights violation because of extreme censorship and the communist propaganda. Secondly, their executive and judiciary systems seem to be almost the same, so there is no protection by law even.

    I think China is a great country. Nonetheless, I always think it could be greater if it stopped being so reckless.

  5. ShutUp says:

    Thanks man, and yeah you cleared me out on some of my naive views too.

    However, it’s not like Nepali Police is waiting in the corner of the streets and as soon as they see any Tibetan refugees, they pounce on them. It’s not like that.

    I have been there on the streets on two occasions. At the end of the day, there’s no choice for the police than to use force to disperse or detain them. If the protests are peaceful, the refugees should maintain peace not chaos.

    They do try to keep restraint.

    I do not laud how Nepali Police have reacted.. they are just the way they are trained to be and do. Someday, if I get beaten by Nepali Police, I would not blame them – because that’s what they do the best.

    jaha ko police le pitye pani babbal pitcha, laat hancha, thokcha, ghisaarcha..

  6. ShutUp says:

    “eh, hosiyaar, cameraman aayo, lau ek chin rest garau hai keta ho.”

    “eh la gayo sabai, feri thokna suru garau keta ho.. thok thok”

    Sounds funny.

  7. Safal says:

    that interpretation sounds funny.

    what i meant to suggest was, if you have a negative side, you should know how to hide it as well.

  8. Pranjal says:

    Aru kura ta aafno thau ma chhadai chha but it’s kind of farcical when a person like George W. Bush, who actually vetoed the ‘Anti Torture Bill’ and even made his grand statement of ‘Torture is one of the most important tools in the war of terror’ advising the Chinese government to end the ‘human rights abuse’ in Tibet.

  9. saramsha says:

    well i do agree on this but it is ture nepal police i feel a not trained/briefed well about human rights. when i was 13 i was playing with a toy gun with my friends the cops were passing by they saw us and were planning to take us in for custody for 12 hrs until our parents came because my friend called my mom. I told them i was 13 but they didn’t even care to call my parents. plus they can’t take me in for 24 hours because they jave to take me to court according to the law them d**k heads.Did i mention they were swearing at and mt friend, but not all cops are bad.

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