Seto Sari – Rato Gadi

April 29, 2008

Khagendra Sangraula
(File photo: Khagendra Sangraula)

Date: April 28
Location: Garden of Dreams
Occassion: A friend’s wedding reception party

“Ma jasto 50 kg ko fistey bahun le kaha dhaalna sakcha ra Bidhya Bhandari lai? Malai kina yesto na chahiney dosh lagako hola?” (How can a mere 50 kg, thin and feeble Bahun like me topple Bidhya Bhandari?)

Said Khagendra Sangraula, with a smirk – may be even deriding the negativism lashed on to him lately in media because of his rather infamous article(1) on Bidya Bhandari, the widow of late Madan Bhandari (CPN UML leader).

Bidyadevi Bhandari

(Bidyadevi Bhandari during her door to door election campaign in Kathmandu)

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‘Free Tibet’ flags made in China

April 29, 2008

Kya ramailo!

Free Tibet Flags made in China

Our Pundit Bajey Rocks

April 27, 2008

Father’s death anniversary – “Sha-raa-d’dey” ceremony in Nepali:

Being the eldest son, I had been doing it for years. We have had 3 different “Guru ji” (Hindu Priest) till now. The first one, he used to take around 4 and half hours to finish the whole proceedings and rituals, puja reading aloud the Garud-Puran. He died.

The second one, the son of the first one, used to take around 3 hours.
I noticed he did not make me do some of the rituals.
He said – modification.
Oh yeah. “Jaso Jaso Bahun, tesho tesho swaha”
Ok, I was not going to protest.
Not until, he wanted me to bow to him and touch his feet.
Wait a minute, I was not going to do that.
No – I said. I am not going to touch your feet.
My mom – guru ji ko khutta dhogi de na ta!
No – I said. I do not want to earn dharma.

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Stick Death

April 24, 2008

This is one of my favourite flash sites – it’s totally babbal – sick, sadistic and purely fun. I came across this site some 5 or 6 years ago and since then, I have been a great fan of this one. Awe-freaking-some stick animations – blood, blood and more blood. Rob Lewis is a genius mofo.

Old school Metallica fans, DO NOT skip the intro flash.

You might also wanna start with this: Mafia Bloopers

And then, the classic one – The Martyr Machine.

Stick Death

Previously, it used to be synced with live version of Slipknot song “New Abortion” but now Mr. Rob Lewis has done it with Lamb of God’s song – Black Label (live version from Hellfest concert). It’s not the Wall of Death this time, it’s total blood. Awesome.

If only Hollywood makes a stick-men animation movie – the gore-est of them all.

The Downfall of MKN

April 22, 2008

The most successful Smear Campaign in the history of Nepali election – the CPN Maoists stuck these posters over night, all over Kathmandu constituency 2, where UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal was contesting the CA elections from. The outcome – MKN getting asskicked in the election by CPN Maoists candidate Jhaku Prasad Subedi by a freaking landslide.

(The Photo speaks for itself: Madhav Kumar Nepal, general secretary of CPN Unified Marxist Leninist, on June 04, 2001 presents himself in front of the then-newly elected King Gyanendra as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the government. Thus with this picture made public, the CPN Maoists have been able to accuse MKN as a royalist from deep inside. )

It’s funny how dear old MKN vehemently denied that he stooped before King Gyanedra – he said during a Kantipur TV program – “Bartaman Paripekcha ma, I went there to demand the post of Prime Minister from the King – not to beg”.

Well, if that’s the way to “demand the rights” then, let it be – I might as well keep a Gold Coin handy in my wallet and learn to “stoop” properly.

But that cost him the membership of the Constituent Assembly and a historic opportunity to be a part of drafting the constitution of the New Nepal.

Drunk, Drugged, Love-sick and Suicidal

April 21, 2008

There’s a huge question mark on who is/are really behind the June 1, 2001 royal massacre. Till now, the whole international community and media have been saying/printing it was Prince Dipendra. I don’t buy that, may be the whole Nepali people don’t either. It’s just “a shameful attempt to legitimize the Royal Kot Massacre II” (Babu Ram Bhattarai, Monarchy vs Democracy).

Anyways, its okay, I’m fine with it. Truth finds its own way, sooner or later.

However, when the international news agency like AFP deliberately bends away from practicing the normal “objective” news writing style, it is a serious issue.

“Gyanendra came to the throne in bizarre and tragic circumstances in 2001, when his popular brother and eight other family members were shot dead by a DRUNK, DRUGGED, LOVE-SICK and SUICIDAL crown prince.”

Look at those adjectives – Drunk, Drugged, Love-sick and Suicidal – my freaking dog. What’s the matter with the writer/reporter! He has put those descriptions as if he was right there at the moment of the massacre. He ought to be writing novels or fantasy stories not news. Damn – drunk drugged love-sick and suicidal. I thought I was reading an Indian “masala-daar” news. Hahaha.

Here’s the full news:

Nepal’s king won’t go into exile: palace
By Sam Taylor – AFP Asia

Ten Opposite Trends in Nepali Cinema

April 20, 2008

Rekha Thapa

In the world history of cinema, those with “contradictory” views have become victorious. The students of cinema take those names with pride, those cinemas that have done “contradictory” in their time.

This is even more in Nepali cinema. However, there is no reason to be excited about the “opposite” or “contradictory” or “different” views in Nepali cinema. Because, the outcome of these “opposite” attempts are “opposite”, not creative.

Ten Opposite Trends in Nepali Cinema:

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