Fucchi ko Red Salute

Red Salute

But then, there’s a difference between the girl’s “red salute” and comrade Madhav Kumar Nepal’s “red salute”. The girl’s has innocence and purity; same can’t be said convincingly about comrade MKN’s.

Comrade MKN knows about the election codes of conduct. The fun lies with not abiding by it. Who has, one might ask.

The sweet yet commanding voice of the girl entertained the crowd. She recited a poem – about what would happen to a county like Nepal if the Maoists won the elections. When she finished reciting, the roar of adulation vibrated the Open Air Theater.

MKN must have, then, breathed an air of victory. Victorious – all those years of dreaming to be Nepal’s premier one day.

(Pics by Dipesh, during the CPN Unified Marxist Leninist electoral campaign for the CA elections, at the Open Air Theater, Kathmandu on March 29, 2008.)


4 Responses to Fucchi ko Red Salute

  1. Nepali Thito says:

    Funny article. But, I was just wondering if the girl was reciting the poem against the Maoists (seems like it but just to make sure) ? I haven’t read news of the CPN UML going against the code of conduct.. Do you have any such examples?

  2. Nepali Thito says:

    Oops..I have seen quite a large number of children used in election speeches…a lot of times on Aajtak while I was back in Nepal.

    I think those statements do not qualify as hate speech. There are similar statements made by Obama and Clinton in the current elections. Forgive me if the election rules differ, or like the meaning of hate speech differs. I am really naive in these matters.

    Everytime I look at your blog, I see those momos and my mouth gets all watery. I liked Everest momo a lot. That and the Chinese resturant in New Road. And also the momo shop in Kalikasthan. Cheap and reallllllly yummmmy.

  3. ShutUp says:

    Using a minor/child for election campaign is one of such violations of the codes of conduct.

    Hate Speech is another. Both MKN and Prachanda have thrown dirt towards each other several times (eg: MKN ridiculing Prachanda as the “wall president” and Prachanda accusing MKN as pro-King)

  4. ShutUp says:

    Yeah, hate speech bhanda pani “slanders” and “accusations” better huncha. Tara pani, it’s against the code, as prescribed by the Election Commission.

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