Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong place, wrong time!
Place: Nepal Police Health Club (Mahendra Police Club)
Time: ktmROCKS Ides of March III concert

For the pictures of the concert: click here
For more, visit: ktmROCKS


8 Responses to Wrong Place Wrong Time

  1. sangye says:

    Are the really Headbanging or the wind is blowing their way…..heheheheh and funny thing…i hope that aunt didn’t get scared…. Lau na nani haru lai ta ke bhagwan chadyo jasto cha bhanera 😛 LOL

  2. DreamSky says:

    hahaha really funny 🙂
    how come that aunt at that place ??

  3. prajl says:

    anty le pheri does bhetla ni kaa aba head ban gardi basdya ta.la la keep it on

  4. wakka dikka says:

    That anutie needs some……hahaha

  5. truetotheheat says:

    WTF is this, are they waiting at a bus stop and fagging, this is not the way real metal heads rocks out!!! what a disgrace

  6. wakka dikka says:

    oh! so tell then… What is “REAL METAL HEADS?”
    what a disgrace….
    don’t u see, these girls are enjoying theimselves, not Pose kinda thing…

  7. nevermind says:

    hehehhee…tyo kt haru ho??…i thoguh they were boys dressing up all emo…hehhee…

  8. try to digest truth says:

    hey all u commentators out there!
    dont do fuking judgement by just seeing pics !
    blind fakers! how would u know a taste, without being there! u r like a frog who like to live in water !except tht no nthg more thn tht,FUCKTARD ASSHOLE CUNTS!!!
    FUCK THIS BULLSHIT! I hope all fucking wreck die !
    u anti people r fuking miserable gift frm god,Next time don’t fucking bother

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