Some Random Pics I Took

In Nepal, one can learn English language “fararara” in just 3 months.

A picture of some American porn girl gets to honour the “shower-dance” restaurant in Putalisadak.


Holy imposters! Pollution is so extreme here in Gyaneshwor that these swami/guru guys put on masks during sermon.

Dog Family

You family of dog – do not throw waste here!


6 Responses to Some Random Pics I Took

  1. DIVAS says:

    the last one may be interesting fr ‘khaires’!

  2. Bj says:

    oh ho bro, kya off beat pics.astinai ko competiona ma send garnu parthyo ni yesto off beat pics haru.. hehehhee. khatara cha pics…i’m proud of you hahahha

  3. ShutUp says:

    Chandra Sekhar Karki, Bikash Karki, Narendra Shrestha, Shruti Shrestha, Gopal Chitrakar – jasta maahaan photographer huda hudai, ma jasto nathey hobby photographer le kaha competition haru ma bhag liney bro!

  4. aAkaR says:

    competition ma bhag lina professional nai hunu parchha ra ??

  5. Basanta says:

    Good pictures bro! Thank you for sharing?

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