Misuse of fund – Not a new story

Amnesty International Nepal

Question: Will China ever give a damn about some Amnesty International in Nepal protesting about its system of capital punishment?
Answer: NO.

Question: Will the gathering amassed by the Amnesty International Nepal at the Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu – with colourful banners and placards – ever make China think about its policy? Will China now consider reformation of their current ruling system which, as the media has reported, violates human rights?
Answer: NO.

In the future, China might (hopefully) – but that won’t be out of sheer pressure created by shows and protests like the one AI-Nepal did.

For now – my rant is about the nice looking, glossy and shiny booklets that were distributed by the Amnesty International Nepal during its program. My rant is about the colour placards, banners and caps those participating in the program were holding and wearing.

Those don’t come for free and they are truly expensive.

Amnesty International Nepal

Anyone with half an ounce of “intelligence” will never believe that the bosses at the AI-Nepal paid for the expense from their own pocket. They were protesting against the Chinese system, why the heck they would fish money out of their pockets? We Nepali people (or generally anyone else in the world) do not spend our personal money for this kind of “social work”. No way.

Is not that a waste?

Misuse of “donated” fund is a violation itself – unless people related with AI-Nepal actually donated their personal money to protest against China. The thought of which sounds as inconceivable and ludicrous as the news about King Gyanendra contesting in the Constituent Assembly elections (1).

Does not that mean the AI-Nepal itself violated human rights?

Firstly, the program itself looks so irresponsible and foolish that even a five year old kid will have a nice laugh out of it. Secondly, that kind of expense – and for doing what – protesting here at Maiti Mandala about the Chinese system?

Just imagine how many plates of Mo:mo (2) one could have bought for those poor and hungry people from Susta(3), who have been forced to live under the Bagmati Bridge (4) for over two months. Or the AI-Nepal could have bought rugs and clothes for those poor people down there. Instead, it wanted to prove through “media” that it cares about human rights in the international level by wasting its “donated budget”.

I really do not know what the AI-Nepal has done in the past, been doing or will do in the human rights sector for Nepal. I do not know if the donor countries, organizations or INGOs themselves approved this sort of show.

Nevertheless, that was a PURE WASTE!

Amnesty International Nepal

Amnesty International Nepal


1- As we all know, the elections for the Constituent Assembly is all set for April 10, 2008 – and on completion, Nepal will be formally declared as the “Democratic Republic of Nepal” and the “King”-ship will be officially abolished. And no, King Gyanendra is not contesting in the elections.

2- The thought of which is really making me hungry.

3- Susta is one of the villages in the border-area of Nepal and India. For years, the people of Susta have been claiming that India has periodically encroached the border and out of sheer frustration and atrocities laid upon them by the Indian border security forces, the villagers of Susta came all the way up to the capital and organized sit-ins and protests in front of the Singha Durbar gate. But, the government turned its deaf ears to their cries and anguish – it had many other serious issues to take care of.
It was the month of winter and while the villagers were here in Kathmandu, they could not find any place to live and eventually were forced to take the refuge under the Bagmati Bridge. Once, a television channel showed a report on their living condition down the bridge. Many were seriously ill; they did not have anything to sleep on, nor had anything to eat and apparently completely broke to return to their village.

4- It is the bridge over the Bagmati river, and links Kathmandu city with Lalitpur


2 Responses to Misuse of fund – Not a new story

  1. Navin says:

    okie brother, one thing seems not clear on your set. it’s the media that creates the wildfire. the caption would reach paper and that’s enough to prove that some activities are going on.
    they are not sheeps or fools bystanding and shouting slogans.. they wanted to be seen on news paper, or may be international news media, by this, their motivation may be rising awareness. And, I really agree with them, chinese are getting way too much condemnation because of their own activities.

    ‘hawa nachali paat hallidaina’ it’s has devious meaning. I want to point out just a literal meaning, not a figurative one, … if you smile, it costs energy, your more than 20 muscles flexes and so,.. to hurdle up with those banners, definitely, it costs money and how come you so sure that one of those guys, at least, hasn’t spent a single penny.. any proof??? and if you think the mass is not so big enough to create sensation for some cause, then, i’ve nothing to comment on your thoughts.


    I support their staging if you say so.

  2. ShutUp says:

    I appreciate your comment and your optimistic thinking.

    Yes, media is the only way one can create any wildfire. I am not denying the media’s hypnotic role in either informing the world or installing propaganda into the people’s mind.

    The point of my “set” was to point out the misuse of “donated” fund. I am not concerned with their objectives in staging such “posh” and “jhili-mili” protest, neither am I concerned with if they will shake up the Chinese authorities. The point is the whole act of demonstration was a “sleazy” act to get some media attention sponsored by some “donated” money.

    And, don’t tell me brother that you sincerely believe that any Nepali would empty his pocket to fund such event – unless there are some “hidden” agenda.

    It’s fitting that you should comment on this one cause for these days, the Tibetan refugees are protesting against the Chinese government from here in Kathmandu and from all over the world. Do you think China will budge? Not a chance. Can you still be opmistic?

    I would like to mention one Nepali ukhan for your sake, “Kaam kuro ekaa tira, kumlo boki Thimi tira”. That’s what that INGO did. And a lot of money was spent for nothing – which could have been used for some truely generous activities – like, they could have fed the hungry ones on the street.

    By the way, one of my friends working in such INGO called that sort of event as “FUND SPLASH”, the way you deliberately dump the remaining sum of donated fund so as to meet the deadline – for a newer installment of the donated fund.

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