Warning: Acute Diarrhea

If you eat momo before it is steamed well, you will have to face the wrath of Lord Momo – in this case, acute diarrhea. You have to be patience, go through certain steps and with the blessing of Lord Momo, only will you then start eating and relish forever.

Dhyaauuu.. (or call it a nice burp) is very essential.

Look. Wall paintings. Banners. Flex boards.

Our dear leader Prachanda is trying to eat momo even before the meat is being minced!

“Red Salute to the First President of the New Nepal”.

Here’s how I have understood:

1. Constituent Assembly Elections – April 10
2. Constituent Assembly (may be for 6 more months)
3. Declaration of “Republic Nepal”
4. Preparation of the Constitution (another 6 months)
4. Finalization of the system (President or Prime Minister to be the head of state)
5. Parliamentary Election (will it really happen?)
6. Majority to form the government
7. President Prachanda (If the Maoists win the parliamentary elections with majority)

All these, if these guys CAN HOLD the constitution assembly elections this April 10!

Terai issue – not solved.
Eastern issue – not solved.
YCL’s atrocious activities – increasing and impending.
Parallel government – what for?

“Bihey huney kahile ho kahile, ahile dekhi choro lai bhoto” (a rough translation: Marriage – when when, jacket ready for the son?)

It’s good to be prepared. Planning is a major component of any “success”. However, what if the baby is a daughter, not a son! (no discrimination intended)

Red Salute to the First President of the New Nepal. Yes, yes. But beware, for the president might suffer acute diarrhea.

A little bit of precaution is not harmful.


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