Aafnai Maal Kharab (आफ्नै माल खराब)

[The news of the Nepal government handing (Dr) Amit Kumar over to the Indian government has been on the headlines of all the newspapers and News-flash of all the television stations. I am not well acquainted with legal aspect of this sort of extradition so I really can not comment on this.]

But – आफ्नै माल खराब !

Honourable minister of peace and reconstruction, Ram Chandra Poudel proved one more time that he can speak “Hindi” very well. “Oh yeah, I was dreaming to be all over the Indian media. How nice chance this is for me! Chance ma dance, Ram Chandra, chance ma dance”.

It seems, it has never occurred to him that when he is speaking “officially” to any foreign media – he can either speak in Nepali or if he wants, he can speak in English. If his English is not better than any Micro-bus driver’s, he can ask the government – oye, I need an English translator here.

Similarly, another very “honourable” Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ram Kumar Chaudhary proved that he is even more lucid and fluent in speaking Hindi than Minister Poudel.

What do – आफ्नै माल खराब !

Very very joke!

National pride and national identity – yes, yes, very very joke!

What do – आफ्नै माल खराब !
Can do nothing.

The issue of Susta and border encroachment by India – it has fizzled out.

What do – आफ्नै माल खराब !
Can do nothing.

Very very rich in water resource – this country – but we living 8 hours power cut every day.

What do – आफ्नै माल खराब !
Can do nothing.


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