Stop the BULLSHIT, please!

World Cancer Day!
I have never smoked – but 99 out 100 people I know, they smoke.
They know smoking is bad.
They all know.
They all know it is bad for health.
Even on the cigarette packet itself – it’s labeled “Smoking is injurious to health”.
The question is – “will people stop smoking?”
That’s not the question.
The question is – “will the cigarette factories be shut down?”
That’s not even the question.
The question is – “who will inspire smokers to quit smoking?”
Is it HER?

Bull – freaking – NO!
You win a freaking bullshit beauty contest and you are transformed into a “charismatic” influential motivator?
Now you are the ambassador for social cause?
Hell No.
You are “the” representative of Nepal?
What a travesty!
It’s okay if you conquer the world by playing commercials of Shampoo, cosmetic products or playing music videos or playing movies or becoming VJs or RJs and blah blah blah(1).
Represent your company, lobby for the industry, shine on the media.
Batika Shampoo. Batika Shampoo.
BUT – Miss Beauty Contest winners coming out to change the world!
Buuu – freaking – huuu.
“I want to change the society.”
“I want to help the poor kids.”
“I want to help the women.”
Oh please, cut the crap.
Can’t you do that even if you are not a beauty contest winner?
Did you even feel like helping the poor kids of the street – before you applied for beauty contest?
But who would give a shit about that if you did that when you are not a beauty contest winner – there won’t be no freaking media, there won’t be no freaking publicity, there won’t be none.
“By organizing such beauty contests, we provide platform for girls and women.”
What a joke!
Now you feel obligated to change the society?
Now you feel it is your responsibility to make people quit smoking?
Why do you need of beauty contests?


(1) – Interestingly, I have never heard any beauty contest winners (2) here in Nepal become a columnist, or a writer or a reporter for any newspapers.

(2) – That was meant to the both male and female beauty contest winners (3).

(3) – I am not gender biased.


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