Tumba Induced Rebellion

Today is the Martyrs’ Day. Every year this date, we Nepali people celebrate this day honoring all those hero and immortals who gave their lives for the country, for democracy during the Rana regime, 2017, 2047 and 2063 B.S.

Incidentally, today, it’s freaking cold. And I never had Tumba. I have heard others say – tumba khaney, ani jeu tato garney! I never cared what they were saying, until today. I had this urge from deep down inside my belly to get drunk and get completely wasted. And as they say “mausaam le challenge garya cha aaja”. It’s around 3.30 PM, I am at the office room and thinking about getting drunk. Crazy!

Why not, in the name of Martyrs, drink Tumba and get drunk and get super wasted.

News Flash:

Prime Minister released a statement. And they went to the Martyr’s Memorial at Lainchowr and paid homage to the martyrs by throwing a bunch of garlands and flowers. Some also went to Shahidgate. Salutes, flowers, abir, photos and news.

I am still thinking about drinking Tumba, getting drunk and getting total knock. I start WinAmp on the computer, browse and find a perfect song. Sepultura’s Amen. Sepultura has always been my favourite band (well, until their un-heroic musical demise after Max Cavalera left the band). Amen is the perfect song for today. Some years ago, I knew the lyrics to the whole Chaos AD album, but today, I took help of darklyrics.com, and here’s the lyrics.

Terror raids the land
To ashes we’ll be sent
In the name of God – Lives cast away

Martyrdom of myself
Armageddon comes
In the name of God – Not one more dead

Fire blasting, cutting edge
Children burn in flames
In the name of God – We’re going insane

Let us die
You don’t realize
This is the time
God’s sacrifice

Leaving behind
Lesson in hate
In the name of God – We’re all dead

(Amen, Sepultura – Chaos AD, 1993)

I just love the lyrics and fits in perfectly for Nepal’s situation (may be for all the struggling countries).

Tragedy is not that all those gave their lives away – tragedy is that the Gods are still living, reigning supreme – with total power in their hands. Power seems to have different shapes and sizes, I have not been able to quite understand.

The feeling of drinking Tumba has just got stronger. I need to get drunk, need to get completely wasted. Screw everything. Let me see if I can work properly even when I am drunk. Today’s experiment.

I am blasting the whole Chaos AD – Sepultura used to be awesome. I love all of their albums right from Bestial Devastations to Roots.

Today, the SPA (seven party alliance) is also holding its final joint mass meeting in Birgunj. All the leaders of the seven parties are to address the meeting. Security has been intensified as several bomb blasts around the area and in Bara and Parsa districts have been reported. One of the major armed agitating groups of Terai, the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha, led by Jwala Singh, has taken the responsibility of the bombing. (By the way, earlier at the newsroom, we had a cruel laugh at the word “beefed up”. Beefed up re.. why not chickened up, muttoned up, lambed up, buffed up! That was funny.) But that was two hours ago. The Gods must be still addressing the mass meeting. I am sure they must have mentioned the “contributions of all the martyrs” for the country and democracy. Gods on the stage!

May be the problem is, we have too many a Gods! Our religion has 2 millions (or billions) of them. Our blessed country and politics has hundreds – many in the Hills, some in the Terai (and growing). Blessed people we are!

And while all of them are putting on a huge fake show, I am getting out of this place to a nearby “bhatti” with Dipesh (our photographer at NPA).

I am really excited as this is the first time I am going to drink Tumba, get drunk (hopefully) and get completely wasted (oh please, I really want to). Jai Martyrs, Jai Desh, Jai Prajatantra – this is my time for Tumba Rebellion.


2 Responses to Tumba Induced Rebellion

  1. is tumba drank out of wooden cups with a straw

  2. ShutUp says:

    Yes, you are right!

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