Nepali Film Posters II

Rajesh Hamal Special (oh, how I hate his acting!)

Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal

Let me state again, Rajesh Hamal – as an actor – SUCKS!



4 Responses to Nepali Film Posters II

  1. S says:

    Its like a no-brainer: every Nepali movie must contain Rajesh Hamal as the Hero.
    oh at a glance I thought the very first poster was a Nepali remake of the scary movie. Don’t know how degrading the movies are but damn these posters sure entertain you to the fullest. So imagine what a movie can do to you entirely!

  2. ShutUp says:

    Go watch some Nepali movies.. and you won’t regret it at all. I usually have awesome LOL moments through out the movie.

  3. Eva says:

    these posters are like so funny…i cant imagine my self watching a Nepali movie ,i’d rather watch a horror film instead of it….

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