What they sell is what we need

“Empty your pockets son; they got you thinking that
What you need is what they selling.”
(No Shelter – OST Godzilla, Rage Against The Machine)

“What you need is what they selling” – yes, this might look like a plain simple true fact. As a consumer, one might think that the factories and corporate industries (noodles, magazines, music, cosmetics, luxury, and everything) are producing goods/services on the basis of consumer demands.

However, think of this way. What if these factories and corporate industries are creating an illusion in the minds of the people? Corporate fueled illusion on people’s mind – they are selling what people want to buy or what people need.

By taking the “mass media” under their control (through regular advertisement, heavy sponsorships, greasy PR stunts, etc), these corporations can create any sort of false impression in the people’s brain like – “Chiso bhanekai Cocacola”. You can stop by small tea-shops and ask the shop-owner, “dai, euta cold drinks dinu na” and he would give you a bottle of Cocacola. Sugar is worthless, what you need is Dabur Honey. If you are a woman and not featured at least once in the “VOW”, you are worthless. They are selling their definitions of “good”, “beauty” and “sexy”, and we are buying them.

So they have us thinking that – what we need is what they are selling/producing/manufacturing however, the reality of today’s ultimate consumerist world is that – we don’t have freedom to look for choices. We are buying what we really don’t need to. We are buying what they want us to buy; we are buying what they think we need to buy. We are entangled in the web of Brands; we are the victims of mass production.

While the smaller and local factories will slowly and eventually get murdered due to fierce competition, these godzillas will reign in supreme monopoly.

Are you free to choose? Free to choose what you really need and what you really want to purchase or use?

The corporate industries are making the decisions. Not the buyers, not you, not us. Think about it.

“They fix the need, develop the taste
Buy their products or get laid to waste
Coca-Cola is back in the veins of Saigon
And Rambo too, he got a dope pair of Nikes on”
(No Shelter – OST Godzilla, Rage Against The Machine)


One Response to What they sell is what we need

  1. S says:

    This is how things work in a consumeristic world. It’s the law of the economy. If you dont like it- ignore it. Or live like a saddhu yourself. people are well aware of it. They just choose to remain ignorant.

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