Alley Photography

Alley Alley Alley

Alley Alley Alley

Drought makes the workers dream
Muscles and fields of green
Shovel the last few crumbs
Of generosity

(Smaller and Smaller, FNM, Angeldust, 1992)


5 Responses to Alley Photography

  1. ametya says:

    Your blog sometimes seem difficult to understand..what the pictures above want to say ? It would be nice to us, reader, if with soft english the words would also come.

  2. ShutUp says:

    That’s just a piece of simple photography.. I love black/white photography and thought that it would be cool to take some pics from a dark alley. This particular place is around Putalisadak.

    Those lines are from Faith No More’s song “Smaller and Smaller”. The song is about Drought and how farmers and workers depend on rain for a good harvest. So the farmers always keep dreaming of a good rain and green fields.

    The fourth and fifth picture depicts what the lyrics is trying to express.. only this time, it is a “bhariya” not a farmer. The woman on the last picture is looking longingly towards the brighter end of the alley – may be she is dreaming of “hope” or may be not.

    But, you can interpret this anyway you want to.

    “Soft english” – LOL.

  3. 🙂 I came here via blog catalog saw the last pic and sia this looks like india, a woman in a kashti sari with a basket of supplies…then the STD ISD PCO picture just gave it away 🙂


  4. jafabrit says:

    I got it, and it is really a nice series and selected lyrics. The bottom middle photo is intriguing because at first I didn’t know what it was which compelled me to explore further.

  5. ShutUp says:

    Hahaha. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not any Disease.

    And yeah, Nepali women also generally dress up like that.

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