Greedy Bloggers – PISS OFF

Blogging for money?

The concept itself sounds ironic. I can not help but laugh whenever I come across a blog polluted with “Google Ads”. What a greed!

Some of you might say – why the hell not? You might argue – why does it bother you that I am earning $$$$$ from my blog site?

It’s your right, please go ahead. You do not bother me at all.

As for me, I won’t simply hang around the sites with such pests. It is annoying. It stinks of greed.


18 Responses to Greedy Bloggers – PISS OFF

  1. Nepali Thito says:

    Dude, I think this article is a bit extreme. Although this is pretty true, but I guess blogging is also a profession for some people and the way they earn their living is through the ads. So it might not be right to label other’s profession as something stinking.

  2. aAkaR says:

    Anything you can think.You are free for it.From ads.we can earn in some extent than wat’s wrong ?

  3. ShutUp says:

    Guys, I didn’t say “It’s Wrong” or “It’s Right”.

  4. Nepali Thito says:

    It is your personal comment but since you are expressing it in a public sphere, I was kind of shocked by your comment. You had a statement “it ( such site ) stinks of greed” which i think can be labelled wrong.

  5. aAkaR says:

    It’s not a matter of right or wrong to put ads….. But we are earning in some extent from less effort (not to do so much work on ads).Then wat’s wrong ?
    And blog is not running from business point of view.It’s a platform for expressing…… But putting ads. means “greedy” one ????

  6. ShutUp says:

    Since when it’s wrong to express “personal comment” in public sphere? Aren’t you doing the same – expressing your personal opinion, by supporting blogging for money? Didn’t this “Blogging” phenomenon start by expressing personal comments in the public sphere ?


    I respect your take on this matter, but opinions are bound to be different. It’s my opinion, and I stand by it. I am not crying like a baby to get my opinion accepted as “right” or “wrong” for that matter.

  7. ShutUp says:

    Aakar bro, you contradict your own point.

    We can go on and on like this – having meaningless discussions – at the end of the day, you guys are not changing your opinion and neither am I.

  8. Nepali Thito says:

    I understand your point of view. I do not post the ads myself because I want to focus on what I want to write, and not on marketing my views. However, I do not think others are greedy just for hosting google ads on their website. I agree it’s your point of view and that you are equally qualified to have your point of view. The only thing that seems ironic is that you are criticizing others and calling them greedy without putting any substantial reason behind it. I do not have problem with you expressing your views, but since I feel that your opinion is biased and might be a product of your angriness with some one and you are just generalizing everyone based on your personal feud. (That might be an extreme extrapolation, but whatever).

  9. Nepali Thito says:

    And the ironic thing I was pointing out is:

    You mention “As for me, I won’t simply hang around the sites with such pests. It is annoying. It stinks of greed.”

    However, in your “Blogs I visit” links, the sites all are full of ads.

  10. Nepali Thito says:

    Yeah, I kind of agree with you. I visit some blogs, and they have ads in the article itself. That might be a hope to get some clicks out of the reader, but I too find it really distracting. But, the label greedy, sounds bit harsh nonetheless for me.

  11. ShutUp says:

    The reason is explicitly on the first paragraph of the text. Thanks for reminding.. those will be the sites I used to visit.

  12. ametya says:

    I don’t think this is an article..It’s totally his personnel thinking..and as he like to say things in straight manner so this is seeming a little bit ironic. But if i have say anything in this his wiritting, then go ahead, you have 100% right to say thinks staying in your view unless and until it doesn’t harm anyone. As your saying doesn’t harming anyone so i like to say “yes, do scatter your straight words directly straight from the heart.”

  13. ShutUp says:

    You made my day – by inadvertently supporting my stance.

    Quote: “and they have ads in the article itself. That might be a hope to get some clicks out of the reader, but I too find it really distracting”…

    Hoping to get some clicks out of the readers – THAT smells greed.

    Nice talking with you guys, I believe I’ve clearly expressed my stance. Thanks for comments on other posts as well, please keep on commenting, I’ll start doing the same on your articles.

  14. aAkaR says:

    Yes,I’m never gonna change my mind……

  15. red says:

    nonetheless you also have google ads on your blog. infact, ads show up on all hosted blogs. you might not be blogging for money, but, there is a very small difference between bloggers who put up ads to earn money for themselves or you! (as both show ads).

  16. ShutUp says:

    Yeah…. shoot me then. Ha.

  17. goo kha says:

    shutup makes all his money giving nepali politicians blow jobs. he dont need no ad revenue.

  18. nepali says:

    Myan, that last one is the funniest (and lamest) comment I’ve heard in a long time. Or, in fact seen in blogs. It’s so lame that it’s really funny.

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