Minster without Portfolio

Sujata Koirala

I haven’t checked the world history but I can assume that the concept of “Minister without Portfolio” is a joke. A joke you can not laugh to but you can only raise your right eyebrow and say aloud “MwP? WTF!”

MwP. There’s no responsibility and there’s no work. There’s no department and there’s no office. However, there’s a salary. Yes, salary and No work. Seems like a lot of fun to me.

You can say whatever you want to, and no one is going to hold you accountable. Well, in a country where no one from the ministers, to legislatures, to public authorities are never hold accountable, MwP holds even a respectable position.

Ok, wait.

I did goggle on this. This happens in other nations too. And here’s one good definition of MwP.

I quote the site here: Link

In practice, there are two kinds of ministers without portfolio. Some are very senior politicians whose advice is valuable at the cabinet table, and so broadly useful that it’s not seen to be worthwhile to force them to specialize to the extent a particular ministry would demand.

Others actually do have particular responsibilities, generally as senior spokespeople for their governments on particular issues, but in areas that don’t require the attention of a complete ministry, or that are scattered across several ministries. Many European countries have ministers without portfolio responsible for dealing with the European Union, for instance.

Sujata Koirala

So, politically speaking, Sujata Koirala
a) must be a very senior politician whose ADVICE is invaluable to the cabinet of the ministers or
b) has some “responsible” responsibility in reality.

So the very next day, after being sworn in the oath of office and secrecy by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala (her father), Minister Sujata Koirala (his daughter) starts ranting about why monarchy is essential in the country. ADVICE, you see.


Her appointment as an MwP is just an example of securing the Koirala Dynasty’s absolute dominance in the Nepali politics. Why not! This has been THE trend in the South Asian countries for ages. It’s been reported that no one in the senior leadership and party members was consulted about this “democratic” move. If this does not wake the tight-lipped party leaders and young party workers, no one can predict – what will.

Soon, we will have her as the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic “New” Nepal.

(Both pics by Bikash Karki/NPA/Kantipur)


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