Mislead our daughters

Nepali Movie

As I am taking the above photo, a man comes and stands by my side.

“Bhai, why are you taking this picture?”
“For my collection of Nepali film posters, dai.”

He looks like he is in his mid 30s, educated and probably from outside the valley. His face is full of scorn.

“I feel disgraced.”
“What’s the matter, dai?”
“Just look at this. Our country has gotten worse. Nothing good remains. And on top of that, these type of posters are everywhere on the streets.”

Yeah, the country is going through a dreadful phase. The politics, economy, development, bureaucracy, and this entertainment field!

Two more people leisurely walk to our side. I like Nepali people. We have this nice habit of listening to other people talk, even if it is none of our concern.

With a little sarcasm, I add – “Take it easy dai. People need to have some fun, don’t they?”

“You call this fun! This is a very disgraceful effort to make Nepali youth shameless. This is an effort to make mislead our daughters.”

“What are you going to do about it, dai? Producers say that it’s very hard for them to earn money without posters and movies like these.”

He keeps staring at the poster. Pouts and gives out a sigh, a sigh of submission perhaps.

“I don’t know bhai, I think I am wasting your time. I am off to my work.”

I keep watching at his slowly diminishing figure as he walks by, still muttering to himself. The other two just gape and do not say anything. And then I remember – I had parked my bike on the side-way. Luckily, no traffic police was around.

Mislead our daughters.


5 Responses to Mislead our daughters

  1. आकार says:

    haahha……….what a story……….mislead our daughters………

  2. ametya says:

    Even in simple conversation, you found a theme to write an article. Nice………Each blogger who is searching something starts to think and see things in different manner and i just did the same in Bilawal case.

  3. ShutUp says:

    Thanks for the comment Ametya. By the way, I watched this “aadhi tufaan” today. This is the best Nepali movie made ever! Will write about this move soon.

  4. ametya says:

    भोक लागेको बेला तपाईंको ब्लग नपढेकै ठीक हुने रहेछ.. क्या मो:मो: को तलतल लागेको, यो मो:मो: ब्लग मा किन?

  5. ShutUp says:

    Simply because (Buff) Momo is the bestest food in the world. This particular picture of Momo is from the Picnic Momo (Jhochey, New Road).

    Every momo freak should go eat at the Picnic Momo at least once in his/her lifetime.

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