Revolution, Sacrifice, Tolerance


Even though, the Ramayan and the Mahabharat (or whatever) have proven to be fatal anti-social bombs dropped on our crawling eastern civilization, however, there are several valueable points and lessons stuffed in both of them. Let’s not talk about how the Ramayan has taught our society about Class/Division/Race, how the Mahabharat illustrates the hilarious female-state of being a single wife of 5 guys (superhuman beings). Subtly, which connotes the female repression and male domination existing in the society when these epics=nonsense shits were written (and unfortunately, this exists still today strong as ever).

Let’s not talk about the stories of sacrifice and revolution, repression and extermination of good by evil (or the opposite ?). Well, in some part of the Mahabharat, Krishna says “Sacrifice is the key to start any Revolution, and Tolerance is the key to Sacrifice”. What he means is that ‘Tolerance’ is the key element for any ‘Sacrifice’, which in turn is needed to start any ‘Revolution’.

So before you go out and start whining – “let’s start a revolution!” ask yourself if you got what it takes to sacrifice- your normal life, your society, your family values, your teachers, your friends, your bedroom (cozy one),girlfriends (boyfriends)….and so many other stuffs. Ok now if you really sacrificed all those stuffs, ask yourself if you got what it takes to tolerate all these- your new life, your new society, your new family values. I don’t know if there is anyone who could tolerate this new life. At least I won’t be able to. I need coffee on my bed when I wake up. I need to watch television. I want my pockets loaded and enjoy going out with my friends. Money! May be there was no such system of “money” during the Mahabharat/Ramayan era. But the way I have figured out, revolution=money, sacrifice=money and tolerance=money.

Guess what? It’s time for a war now… war for money, war for power. Yeah a new Kuruchetra (battle place) is here to stay. You don’t fight with bow and arrow (bhramhastra or shivastra.. funny stuffs as showed on Nepal Television). You fight with guns and grenades. Some new weapons too added to the arsenal …”socket bomb”, “pressure cooker bomb”, “bucket bomb”… give me a freaking break… and on the back stage of this whole new epic crappy drama, there’s some revolutionists preparing “terror” for all of us. NEPOTISM HYPOCRISY CORRUPTION MASSACRE. The “directors” are not here in the stage (don’t ask me why is so?). But it works out well because all the scripts are well prepared and everyone knows their role.

There’s always audience around the stage…some opponents are kicking each other’s asses out…brutal “bloody” bone crushing act over.. under.. above.. around the whole stage. One gets knocked cold another becomes the King of the Ring. Both are escorted out from the stage and, backstage both opponents hug each other gleefully “geez we made it.. see, we are RICH “. The directors are rich.. the producers are rich.. all the actors are rich…the audience is duped. Some know it’s the “name of the game”, this is how poli-tricks work.. some can’t figure out and remain dazed. All the acts of revolution, sacrifice and tolerance are summed up into one side of the money-tary balance.

Pandavs, with their wife, return home victorious…Sita is forced to endure ‘agni parikchya’, Rawan is murdered and Bivishan is the King now. No funny business. Suddenly, Sita gets kicked out from her husband’s home into the jungle… she is pregnant. Another revolution breathing inside her womb. Does it smell money? Does it breathe corruption?

December, 2003


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