Lament of the Ancient Ballot Box

Lament of the Ancient Ballot Box

Ballot box

Wokay, we Nepali people have been cheated twice by this Constituent Assembly Elections. There’s good news though. As of December 24, 2007, the interim government has approved the seven parties’ 23 point agreement. And yes, they say they are going to hold the Constituent Assembly Elections by the mid April of 2008.

During all these political deadlock and complete bullshit farce we saw in a year or so, the Election Commission must have felt really sick and tired. So what does the EC do? It gives away almost 200 ballot boxes to the Garbage Collection unit of Kathmandu. May be a right decisive move to let the burden of poor, rusty “maya-lagdo” ballot boxes.

Some 20 of those ballot boxes are kept on various spots of the Basantapur Durbar Square of Kathmandu so that people can throw rubbish on them.. spit on them.. kick them and dump the frustration.. curse the politicians and vent out the absolute helplessness of being a Nepali citizen. Yehi boxa ma hoina hamle vote halnu parney, thok yeshlai!

Meanwhile, the boxes have found the meaning of their existence, a purpose.

Ballot Box

Ballot Box

(The title of this write up was inspired by Iron Maiden’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)


One Response to Lament of the Ancient Ballot Box

  1. S says:

    Truest depiction of the Nepali reality.

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