It is a monster

Where’s the reflection? Where’s the communication? Instead of reflecting true bits of information to the general people, the media-regime suck all the information and filter out the remaining through their fake-patriotic funnels. The proper work of the media should be just like that of the moon. The moon has no light of it’s own but rather borrows from the sun and reflects the light to the earth. Unfortunately, the media system here is a big black hole which sucks everything and throws out remaining particle of the information it has engulfed.

We have been forced to literally live on media crap, electronic and print both. We have been forced to digest gimmicks, ludicrous exposure and naked farce. Lies and shallow patriotism and moral exhaustion.

I truly suspect if I am ever going prove any point. Let me talk about the so-called entertainment media. I really feel bad when I see magazines with 10% content and 90% cold pizzas. I feel worse when guys and girls of my age group delve on these sorts of magazines and proclaim the mag to be their best friends. I feel worse when I see half naked ladies and poseurs posing in front of the cover. Why do we get so hyped? Are we such blind that we are no longer able to figure out what’s crap and what’s not? We go for the sleazy chocolate-cover but forget about the bullshit we are taking in. What’s a normal ‘entertainment’ has become a showcase of mundane affair concerning nude-content, ill-promotion and nutritious advertisement and of course bad taste.

It’s mirroring confusion and boredom into our lives. Confusion about where we stand in this multi-dimensional cultures and generations. Going to discotheques, throwing out lavishing parties, spending time on the net, while on the other hand, exploiting children, entangling the youth in unavoidable trap of nepotism and hand greasing, preparing for a baseless cloudy future for the next generation.

We have lost (or rather forced to lose) the taste for genuine art and the philosophy bounding it. The media has the remote control to switch on our taste to slimy plastic art. It can hype any foolish crap and make a song like “Aama Malai Tehi keti Chahincha” a national hit. While at the same time it can switch off any aspiring talent and crush it down. It says ‘power to the youth’ while it ties our hands in an intricate knot, snatching out our rights to choose and judge. It can make any silly music video the top of the charts and proclaim to entertain us in a flowery dream. It feeds us political craps and makes us swallow their lies. It gives us beautiful models in covers and music videos and commands us to take the pill of degraded aestheticism.

And we nod our head. It makes us proud.

Is it necessary to feel this pride? Are you proud to be what you are?? Why???

We are proud to be Nepali. We are the circus people. We are the future; we are “desh ko karna dhar”. We are the troublemaker, we are the educated. We are the ones holding guns against each other, we are the jokers. We are the puppets, we are the lepers and we are the outcasts. We are the ones riding the bikes, we are the ones using Pepsodent tooth paste, we are the street kids sleeping on the curbs. We are the ones staking on girls, we are the ones working 17 hours washing plates, we are the ones dreaming for fame and money, we are the ones working in a wealthy man’s house, we are the ones going to colleges, we are the ones fighting in the streets, we are the ones going purple in weed and chemicals. We are the ones watching TV serials; we are the ones strolling to nowhere. We obey it.

It is a monster and it’s too late. We have to buy this chocolate even if we don’t like it. We can’t escape it’s intrusion in our minds and can’t deny its interruption. It’s dragging us closer and closer to the whirlpool of emptiness and boredom. It feeds us hypocrisy and gives us patriotic tablets of Hajmola for digestion. It blocks out the truth and covers us with its shadow of hypnotic existence. We all bow down!

Nov 6, 2003


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