Say NO to Track-Singers

This is an aggressive anti-track-singers campaign to defame and belittle the very existence of these social insects that are solely responsible for degrading the music field and polluting the innocent mass of listeners/audiences with their attitude “See I am total crap but you still like me.”

Let us all, musicians and non-musicians, avid fans of the scene who want to see a conscious development and evolution in the music field, let us all BOYCOTT the Track-Singers. Just like drugs, poverty and illiteracy that mangle our society, these track-singers are vicious pests which abrupt the growth of quality music, soul and freedom. Boycott Track-Singers. Boycott Track-Singers. Boycott Track-Singers.

Kamal Man Singh

The Track-Singers should be inducted in the National Hall of Shame. Their sons and daughters would have to face public disgrace and humiliations – “See, there comes the son of a track-singer… oh, aren’t you the hapless daughter of that track-singer, umm, what was his name? Don’t come near us or we will shout your dad’s name aloud.” just like the sons/daughters of thieves, politicians and drunkards have to face shit in society.

“You Son of a track-singer” would replace the ever-popular cuss-phrase “Son of a bitch”.

So let’s boycott track-singers.

We strongly urge you to laugh, mock, jeer, sneer, smirk, giggle and point with your index finger whenever you see a track-singer on the stage. If there is no back-up bands present in the stage, we urge you all to stand and turn back in protest. But this should be done politely but of course with enough tinge of sarcasm. [You can even show your butts towards the stage, that’s a choice… flicking middle finger in the air has become a common misinterpretation so this won’t work at all.]

We strongly urge all the media to boycott the track-singers and stop making them “Artist of the month”. Because, anything that becomes associated with the track-singers, that also sucks just like the track-singers. That will be the message every one of us should deliver to the mass and the mass will definitely figure out sooner or later.

So, this is a request to all type media (press, radio, television, internet) to set out an unwritten law “We don’t support Track-singers and we won’t have any associations with them either”… this will surely help sustain the prestige and good-will.

Boycott Track-Singers and save music. Support the local scene and support the real musicians.

“Say NO to Track-Singers”


One Response to Say NO to Track-Singers

  1. S says:

    haha….propagandizing against the track singers!! This might just turn into another holocaust.

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