Dad abuses Sons’ Rights

I have heard one guy of Thamel, Kathmandu named two of his sons as “Business” and “Finance”. That was pretty weird.
Not that this one is not weird!

According to “Naya Patrika” a person from Nuwakot has given a 40 letter (in Nepali script) name to his son.

“35 year old Dharmendra Dangol has chosen some of his favourite Nepali words and mixed them with some world famous personalities and named his elder son:


People are looking for shorter, cuter names – meaningful names while Mr. Dangol is in a different world. He should be thinking about the problems his son is going to face in schools or applying for citizenship or if he becomes famous, just imagine how he is going to give autographs to girls.

Teacher: Hey, what’s your name?
Son: My name is Babu-supreme-mero-bau-le-kina-yetti-lamo-naam-rakhi-deko-hola-muji-jasto-bau Dangol.
Teacher: A what?
Son: My name is Babu-supreme-kina-bekkar-ma-mero-tauko-khai-rako-hola-yo-teacher-le-muji-jasto-bau-ko-karan-le Dangol.
Teacher: Ok good. Nice name.

Mr. Dangol didn’t spare his second son either. He named his second son –

Jafat-singh-jafat-lal-natwar-singh-natwar-man Dangol.

Interestingly, dad Dangol showed some ounce of mercy to his daughter and named her just “Pragya”.

Dad needs a little spanking.


2 Responses to Dad abuses Sons’ Rights

  1. lovewithpeace says:

    hello 🙂
    haha. are you a local nepali?

    randomly chanced upon your blog and foudn this post rather amusing. visited Nepal just months ago, and its nice to see you blog about momo and bhaktapur. coz momo was our favourite when we were there! Couldn’t have enough of it. 🙂

    Merry Xmas!

  2. ShutUp says:

    Yeah I am.

    There will be more Momo pics to leave you guys drooling and kicking your computer table in complete agony.

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